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You are the reason I made a Deviant Art and it was a pleasure to watch you work a bit in ustream, this is fantastic. It was a lot more violent than I anticipated. Excellent work as always Zeurel you are an inspiration.

Will you be my friend?

That was great, really funny. Kept me entertained the entire time. I really liked the Dokuro Chan refrence thing. That was brilliant xD. So yeah, you've inspired me, i'm going to start working on flash again and put some real effort into it! Thanks man, keep it up! Long live AMV hell style shit >_>;;

Favorite Authors.. Yes?


Sonucais responds:

Hell yeah! It looks you are the first one who reviews knowing about Dokuro-Chan~ :3! :D

If you need help you know, I will be your friend if you want (Use Newgrounds PM System for now :P) ;)


You have great potential.

Like other people said I think this flash would have been better with music or maybe some nature sounds, but it was good the way it was too. You have potential to create flashes as good as Adam Phillips' if you try hard enough. Your frame by frame is incredable, expecially for being 13, and I hope you keep getting better. Good luck to you man, if you can pump this kind of stuff out on a weekly basis i'll be extremely impressed.

JimmyDot responds:

Started animating exactly a year ago today, thanks.

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I Love Patapon

This is a slick promotion for an under-rated game. I absolutely love my copy of the original Patapon for the PSP, and this has definately peaked my interest in the sequel.

It is a bit difficult to introduce a fully fleshed out console game into the flash community though because sometimes flash gamers do not have the patience to learn something new or tricky and will move onto something else before they give it a fair chance. Anyways, great game, thanks for the demo.

Great Game

I really like this game. You did a great job with it. The Harvest Moon series are someof my favorite games of all time and I really liked that Blue Feather refrence. Yeah, nice game. Wish it had a proper ending though. I'll just have to wait for you to add one ^_^;

The game play was good

The game play was flawless, it was a perfect snake game. However that's one of the downfalls with the game in my opinion, it's exactly the same as many other snake games out there.

If you want to make it unique or interesting how about making a plot or story as to why Master Chief has turned into a snake thing that has to collect (whatever those things were) in order to grow.
Also the background was stale, and uninteresting. Maybe if you had levels with different background, I don't know it was just a very unusual idea mixing Halo with Snake...

I'm not saying that by being unusual it was original. It was like you said, "I like the game snake, and I like the game Halo, and i've got the action script for snake, so why not put them together?

Basically the point of this review is that your submission had no point. You have the gameplay down pact, why not make a plot or something and make it interesting for the player.

Hope this helps, sorry if I was a bit harsh.

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right on man

it was sweeter with the birds in it


that says it all

"Crack Head Here."

9.50, This is Great Dog. This music reflects on how i feel most of the time, Piano section is really the best. When it goes insane it sort of goes downhill. It sort of is depressing during the begining. Like my life. But good job. -

Kamize- "Anime Crack Head

Music is a must. http://spamtheweb.co m/ul/upload/3107/276 48_Game.php

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